Lisbon, Lisbon's public conveniences

Lisbon’s public conveniences

picture-00001-802I’m not in the habit of taking photographs of public toilets, but these toilets in Lisbon fascinated me. The urinal above was spotted outside Saint George’s Castle (Castelo de São Jorge). It is an open-air urinal which comprises a green cast-iron screen for modesty. The sign above it saying ‘urinol’ is made of very ornate wrought iron and is utterly captivating.

The unisex toilet below is on the Avenida da Liberdade and if it looks familiar that is because it is an adapted Morris Column, which I wrote about in an earlier post, A Morris Column in Porto. It is an ingenious use for these distinctive structures and fits in perfectly with the nineteenth-century design of the avenue.picture-00001-405

The entrance to the public toilets on Rua Norberto de Araújo near Largo Portas do Sol have a potted history of Portugal in comic-strip style painted on the wall by Nuno Saraiva. They are so popular that they are included on some guided tours of Lisbon. It is also another good example of Lisbon’s street art.

Photo 01726

Photo 01725

The very modern toilets in the Time Out Market on Avenida 24 de Julho (opposite Cais do Sodré station)  are decorated in honour of the humble sardine.Photo 00096

Photo 00097

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