Algarvian sweets, Food and drink

Algarvian sweets


Doces finos do Algarve (Marzipan sweets)


Estrelas de figo e amêndoa (Fig and almond stars)

The warm temperate Mediterranean climate of the Algarve combined with the Moorish legacy has resulted in an abundance of fresh fruit, including the iconic almond, with its beautiful blossom which can be seen everywhere in late winter, and the fig, both of which are used to make traditional sweets, which look as lovely as they taste. Doces finos do Algarve are marzipan sweets beautifully crafted to look like miniature fruit, vegetables or even animals. They have a surprise of shredded candied egg yolk in the middle. Estrelas de figo e amêndoa are star-shaped (or flower-shaped) sweets made from figs and almonds.

They make wonderful presents to take home, but almost look too good to eat.